Three brothers

Three brothers were playing in their backyard where there was a garden and a dog. Their mother loved the garden very much. It had flowers in many different colours, shapes, and smells. It also had all sorts of vegetables. It was a garden that provided nurture for the body and for the soul. The dog was a playful and gentle animal. He respected the garden.

The first brother came up with a game. It involved strapping the dog to a pole near the garden and teasing him. The second brother didn’t have a better idea and decided to join the first brother. The third brother didn’t feel comfortable and declined the invitation.

It didn’t take long to get the dog upset. Afraid, the poor animal struggled to break free and jumped all over the garden. The dog ended up scratching the two brothers and the strap hurt his own neck. The dog was whimpering and the beautiful garden was destroyed. When their mother saw what happened she said. “I am afraid you can’t play here anymore. Go to your room while I repair the garden and take care of the dog. If you want to help me, you can stay.”

The brother who had just observed the whole thing raised his hand and said: “I want to help you, mom!” And so he stayed and helped.

The other two went to their shared room, but before they left, their mom said: “There are two things you can do while you are waiting in your room. One, you can watch through the window, see what I am doing and learn. This way, you will be able to repair the garden yourself next time. Or, if you are tired or upset, just rest. Take the time for yourself, so you can feel good again”.

The first brother didn’t listen to his mother and brought his cellphone to his room and spent the whole time on the screen. The second brother stared through the window and observed while his mother and his brother took care of the dog and repaired the garden. He noticed that his mom and brother were smiling and it looked much more fun than hurting the dog and the garden.

Soon, they were all able to go outside and play in the backyard again. Their mother looked at them and pondered to herself: “The garden is healing and the dog is happy once more. Are you three going to play a different game this time around?”

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