Environmental Stewardship

Undergraduate Course

Environmental Stewardship at Huron University

Teaching the flagship course in the Environmental Stewardship Minor, part of the Governance Leadership and Ethics at Huron University.

Using a holistic approach and focused in the most common human habitat (cities) that is responsible for the majority of the impact we have on our planet, on a scale that is the most conducive to generate action (local) since it holds the strongest social ties and deepest knowledge of our challenges. 

“Local environmental stewardship is the actions taken by individuals, groups or networks of actors, with various motivations and levels of capacity, to protect, care for or responsibly use the environment in pursuit of environmental and/or social outcomes in diverse social-ecological contexts.” 

Bennett et al. 2018

Research Project

The impact of climate change on social purpose organizations

The effects of climate change are widespread, leading to long-term social, economic and
environmental impacts. Understanding the intersectionality between social issues in the urban sector and climate change can allow organizations to create targeted and effective climate action programs. The primary relationships identified in this report are between climate change and social issues such as poverty, racial inequalities, mental health, climate migrants, food access, and environmental pollution. The analysis explores the relationship between the aforementioned topics and how social
purpose organizations are impacted by the intersections.

A partnership with the Western MES program, this research was prepared by the Praktical Consulting group.


Urban Farms

Raising sheep and chicken on an urban environment, reimagining family & neighbours relationships and challenging municipal by-laws.

Social Enterprise

In-Company Organic Market

Bringing local organic food and farmers directly to urban consumers.

Public Space Project

Guerrilla Gardening

Reclaiming unused urban spaces to create beauty, grow food and bring people together.