Participatory Futures

This section includes the projects, events, initiatives and groups that I am involved with where we develop and explore our futures literacy.

Online Community

Urgent Optimists

An online community hosted by the Institute for the Future(IFTF) where we tap into the power of collective imagination, see the future from many different perspectives and discover new future scenarios.

Join our community here.

Future Scenario Development

Living Room Cities

A co-created design of a future scenario based on real world signals of change and future forces. See launch event here. We are also running an open social simulation to explore this particular scenario and democratize future-thinking.

Undergraduate Course

Participatory Futures

We live in a fast-changing world with interconnected crises, some are calling it a permacrisis. The ability to understand, shape, anticipate, accept and adapt to change is a skill that every leader should constantly cultivate personally and collectively. Even more so in a society where the information overload constantly pulls our attention in a new direction favouring short-termism and immediate results over longer term benefits.

“A broad range of researchers, artists, technologists and philosophers are now converging on the idea that short-termism may be the greatest threat our species is facing this century.”

(NESTA, 2019)

1. permacrisis: an extended period of instability and insecurity, especially one resulting from a series of catastrophic events.

Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2022

Thinking about and shaping the future should be a whole-of-society endeavour to ensure the benefits are widespread and decisions have legitimacy by including as many perspectives as possible.

Workshop Proposal

Car-Free Cities Future Scenario

Submitted to the Silicon Valley Bike Summit 2023 in partnership with the League of Women Voters Cupertino-Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale Youth Public Policy Institute and Leadership Sunnyvale.

Mark Henson

Community of Practice

Probing Utopia

A social experiment to stretch our imaginations about what is possible.

Our actions depend entirely on our thoughts and state of mind. In other words, we build our external world based on our inner world. Our imagination helps shape reality. Systemic change starts within us and we need to create space to let that emerge.

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