Luis Patricio

Luis is a program manager in the nonprofit sector and a part-time teacher at university. Luis received his B.A. in Urban Management in 2016 and B.S. in Computer Science in 2003.

His main interests can be categorized in six intersecting thematic areas:

  • Urban Literacy
  • Mobility Equity
  • Participatory Futures
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Heutagogy
  • Environmental Stewardship

To learn more about his work on those specific areas, please click on the images below

Thematic Areas of Interest

About Me

Luis worked in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, the bulk of his experience is in the nonprofit sector and several cross-sector collaborations.

Luis has been involved in a wide range of sustainable initiatives including urban placemaking, local organic farms, zero waste programs, cycling advocacy, alternative education, arts and sport.

Luis was born and raised in Brazil. He chose London, Ontario as the new home for him and his family when he moved to Canada in 2016.

His other interests include: Aikido, nonviolent communication, game design, circle dance, graphic novels, anthroposophy, cooperative games and sci-fi (solar punk especially).


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Luis Patricio
London, Ontario

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