Urban Literacy

Online Community

City Makers

An online community of relationships for energizing, creative and effective city work.

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Research Project

Literature Review

An extensive open-ended review of the four broad themes that inform the urban literacy framework: Education, Social Fields, Urbanism and Regeneration.

Public Space Project

Open Streets London

What could we do on our streets if we don’t have to worry about cars? Could it become a social space? What kinds of activities could happen? Dance parties, picnics, street hockey… What is the balance between structure and freedom?

Social Experiment

Art Hive London

A small and inclusive  community art studio. A third space that create opportunities for dialogue, skill-sharing, and art-making between  people of different socio-economic backgrounds, ages, cultures and abilities.  

Public Space Project

Curitiba Pocket Park

Who own public spaces? Who has a right to use and shape them? And what would happen if citizens could be in charge of building public spaces?

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Urban Mobility

Bike to School

Exploring sustainable ways to commute to school

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