Resources are listed in a loose order going from local, specific, and right now to general and long term.

You can also read my blog posts related to COVID-19.

Old East Village

OEV Community Association – there is no better time to become a member and stay connected.

OEV Community Exchange – Do you need any help? Would you like to offer something to your neighbours? We have an online tool built exactly for that!


Free rides for essential workersBig Bike Giveaway has partnered with Squeaky Wheel Bike Co-op to give out free bicycles to low-income essential workers.

Support London Business –  a list of open businesses created by rTraction.

Pillar Nonprofit Network – a broad list of resources including information for nonprofits, government news, webinars and more.

Middlesex London Health Unit – one of the most reliable local sources of information.

Map of local eateries – takeout options put together by Sameer Vasta.

Caremongering London – facebook group to connect people and share information about anything related to COVID-19

The London Spirit – Facebook page supporting front line health care workers. Encourages others to put messages of hope, awareness, and messages of gratitude.

London Transit – link to FAQ page and service updates


List of Benefits by Province – Financial help for Canadians affected by COVID-19 A hub of benefits the federal government, provinces and territories are offering to people financially affected by the coronavirus.
Neighbourhood Pod – a way people are connecting to make sure everyone’s needs are met by grabbing food, medication, or anything else that might put those who are vulnerable to COVID-19 transmission at risk.
Policy Response – bring the Canadian policy community together to highlight the best economic and social policy ideas that will get Canadians through the immediate crisis and prepare us for a more sustainable and equitable recovery.
City Share Canada – A real-time, crowdsourced platform that houses resources, tools and stories on how city builders and residents are responding to COVID-19.

Emerging Future

The Coronation – an eye-opening analysis by Charles Eisenstein

Eight Emerging Lessons: From Coronavirus to Climate Action – by Otto Scharmer, author of Theory U.

There’s no better time for cities to take space away from cars – Closing certain streets to car traffic can help promote social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bogotá expands bike lanes to curb coronavirus spread – Bogotá is opening 76km of temporary bike lanes to reduce crowding on public transport and help prevent the spread of Covid-19, as well as to improve air quality.

Why not encourage cycling during the coronavirus lockdown? – Bikes allows people to maintain isolation but provide important respite from being indoors.

Build Cities for Bikes, Buses, and Feet—Not Cars – kicking cars out of the city is good for business, good for people, and amazing for the planet.

Why factory farms are a “perfect storm” for disease pandemics – in the name of a regenerative food production system.