Real change requires real conversations… and bread

Recently, another controversial debate started on the Facebook community group from my neighbourhood. This time was about bike lanes vs on-street parking. A good place to start My convictions are well known and I don’t need to state them here. Actually, I want to dig a little deeper. When it comes to what really matters, … More Real change requires real conversations… and bread

A between-place

Supporting people in self-directed learning processes is to occupy a “between-place”. One of the polarities of this between-place says things like: “I’m with you”“Throw yourself, you have a net(work) here!”“I’ll help you if you need me to”“Besides me, there’s this and this person and this person next to you” At the same time, the other … More A between-place

An Inclusive Economic Recovery for Canada

OUR PATH FORWARD Many people, cities and countries are realizing that going back to “business as usual” is not desirable. From the Great Realization video1 that went viral worldwide; to the Canada-wide networks of Caremongering2 groups and neighbourhood pods3; to residents and Cities that are displaying great creativity and ingenuity4. People are showing how they want to … More An Inclusive Economic Recovery for Canada

Three brothers

Three brothers were playing in their backyard where there was a garden and a dog. Their mother loved the garden very much. It had flowers in many different colours, shapes, and smells. It also had all sorts of vegetables. It was a garden that provided nurture for the body and for the soul. The dog … More Three brothers