Sustainable Development goals


Understanding the SDGs and Social Enterprise

A Pollinating Purpose Podcast episode discussing what the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are, why they matter, and how to implement and integrate them into a social enterprise business model. A Pillar Nonprofit Network initiative in partnership with Libro Credit Union and Rogers tv. Host: Mariam Waliji

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Online Toolkit

SDGs in Municipal Elections

Looking at what Canadian local governments and networks can do to help achieve the SDGs.

The guide contains curated information and resources organized by the 17 SDGs.

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Book Chapter

Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals in London, Ontario: Analysis and Tools to Share

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a language and measurement system to integrate social, economic and environmental concerns into a single framework that has been used among different sectors and different levels of government. Due to the deeper knowledge about the specific issues in a community along with a tighter network, decisions and actions taken at the local level play a significant role in the design and implementation of SDGs. This chapter describes a two-stage methodology to integrate the global aspirational goals promoted by the United Nations with the local challenges identified by community leaders to reconstruct the SDGs measurement system for use at the municipal level. The first stage, “Global to Local” includes a decision tree, which help guide localization in various municipal contexts, to help determine which indicators are applicable to the local context. The second stage, “Local to Global” uses a dialogic approach to examine the local knowledge base, including consulting local documents and area-experts, to identify which of the original indicators are in fact relevant and what other issues might be missing. We complete this chapter with a discussion of the challenges and opportunities for using the SDG framework as a local framework drawing from an initiative that took place in London, Ontario, Canada.

Routledge · Sep 1, 2021

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Community Engagement

U-Lab SDG Leaders

The local chapter of the u.lab global community started to use the SDG framework and brought together local leaders from health, education, social care, urbanism, technology, social finance, environment, gender equality, housing and many other sectors.

TheTheory U was developed by MIT Sloan School of Management Senior Lecturer Otto Scharmer and colleagues in order to create an action research platform at the intersection of science, consciousness, and profound social and organizational change.


London SDG Indicators

Research lead on the project to A city based set of indicators localized from the UN Sustainable Development Goal Indicators through an extensive community engagement using a dialogic approach to integrate the local assets and expertise with shared global challenges.